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Silk Fabrics for Drapery

Published: 10/17/14 07:57 PM

When you decide to make drapes, or curtains, for your home, silk is among the many choices of fabrics available to you. Silk fabric is one the most elegant and luxurious fabrics available, and is known to be amongst the most durable and adaptable. Silk drapes are unmatched in beauty and magnificence.

Example of Silk Drapes
Photo showing the beauty of silk drapery.

There are numerous silk fabrics for you to pick from when making drapes. Here are some of the most popular selections of silk fabrics for draperies:

Silk Organza:
Silk organza is a sheer fabric available in vibrant hues. It will light up your room making your windows look truly remarkable as the sun shines through. Silk organza drapes can be moved with ease over the rod. Not only does silk organza drape very nicely, but it is also available with exquisite embroidery. Silk organza drapes offer style while providing just the right amount of privacy for your home.

Silk Taffeta:
Silk taffeta is a nice medium weight silk fabric that drapes very gracefully. It can be soft and flowing as well as stiff and durable. With a backing fabric, the taffeta can effectively block out the sun all the while looking brilliant due its shine. Silk taffeta is available in a wide variety of colors, so you can find your perfect fabric.

Jacquard Silk:
Jacquard silk is a heavy rich fabric that does not require backing. This silk fabric can completely block out the sun but still be used for decorative purposes. Jacquard silk drapes are typically floor length, which makes them formal, and they are hung on a traverse rod, meaning you have to pull them open or close them with a string.

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