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Silk Fabrics for Upholstery

Published: 09/07/14 03:53 PM

Upholstery refers to the art of providing furniture fabrics and covers. Silk, when used as in an upholstery application truly adds a royal touch unlike any other fabric. In any furniture the covering is what truly makes the first impression, so securing your chair, sofa, or bedding with silk is a great choice.

Example of Silk Dupioni used on a Sofa
Example of Silk Dupioni used on a Sofa.

Almost all silk fabrics can be used for upholstery, except a few very light sheer ones. Silk dupioni, silk shantung, and silk linen are the three types of silk fabric most commonly used in upholstery. Although some upholsterers will put the silk directly onto the upholstery furniture, it is bad practice. It is instead recommended to knit back the fabric first.

Knit backing consists of a cotton type material adhered to the back of the fabric so that to make the fabric much more durable and long-lasting. Securing the fabric with knit backing also makes the upholstery process much easier and less prone to accidents.

As an additional benefit to our customers, here at JRB Silks can back any silk you order from us or send to us using our own industry-leading proprietary processes. With low-minimums and quick turn-arounds we are the one-stop shop for both silk fabrics and backing & finishing services. More information on our backing services.

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