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Silk Taffeta Fabric

Published: 07/03/14 03:26 AM

Silk Taffeta derives its name from the Persian “Taftah” which means “twisted woven”; the fabric is traditionally plain and extremely tightly woven with fine horizontal ribs produced from white silk cocoons. Silk taffeta fabric is the second most widely used of the silks (just behind silk dupioni).

Photo showing crispness and glossiness of silk taffeta

Compared to the other types of silk, silk taffeta fabric is admirably crisp and glossy in texture, making a unique rustle sound when moved around. It is considered to be one of the most “high end” and sought after fabrics in the fashion and interior design worlds. For drapery applications, the taffeta floors beautifully creating a gorgeous pool effect. High-end fashion designers often use silk taffeta as lining and in eveningwear as it has great insulation and abrasion resistance properties.

At JRB we carry over 400 unique colors in silk taffeta by the yard, all of which are 54 inch wide goods. We also carry a wide variety of plaids and stripes. Like most types of silks, taffeta should not be spot cleaned and dry-cleaned only.

Photo showing silk taffeta plaid

Photo showing silk taffeta striped

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