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Sewing with Silk: A must-read!

Published: 06/23/14 03:41 AM

This is a great article for those artists with a passion for silk fabric in their designs. The article includes valuable tips for those who are sewing with silk fabric and it also highlights the main differences between the many different types of silk fabrics available (most of which we carry here at JRB!). A great read for anyone that is looking for more information on silk fabric. Let us know what you think of the article in the comments below!

Special thanks to our friends at Sew News for the article.

Sheer Silk Fabrics
Published: 02/02/15
Tags: sheer silk fabrics, silk organza, silk chiffon

Silk Fabrics for Drapery
Published: 10/17/14
Tags: silk drapery, drapes

Silk Fabrics for Upholstery
Published: 09/07/14
Tags: upholstery, knit backing

Silk Tussah
Published: 08/02/14
Tags: silk tussah

Wallpaper Backing on Silks
Published: 07/18/14
Tags: wallpaper backing

High quality vs low quality silk
Published: 07/08/14
Tags: quality

Silk Taffeta Fabric
Published: 07/03/14
Tags: silk taffeta

Sewing with Silk: A must-read!
Published: 06/23/14
Tags: passion for silk fabric

Silk Dupioni & Silk Shantung: What’s the difference?
Published: 06/19/14
Tags: silk dupioni, silk shantung

Your source for quality designer silk fabric
Published: 06/17/14
Tags: silk fabric

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