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Silk Tussah

Published: 08/02/14 07:55 PM

Unlike most types of silk fabrics, silk tussah is not produced from the domesticated silk worm. This results in shorter, more course filament fibers that are characteristic of the tussah fabric. Often times tussah silk is confused with raw silk but they are not the same. Raw silk is any silk fabric that hasn't had sericin (the natural "gum" that protects the fiber) removed. Raw silk is stiff and dull and the sericin tends to attract dirt and odors. In most applications, silk tussah is preferable to raw silk.

Example of Silk Tussah Fabric Example of Silk Tussah Fabric
Images showing the texture of the silk tussah fabric.

Tussah silk is valued most for its spectacular colors. These colors include gold, beige, cream, and light pink which are all unlike the traditional white silk. Due to its rich colors, Silk Tussah was once only work worn by the royalty in India. To this day, Silk Tussah is considered a luxury fabric. Its colors make it perfect for evening wear.

Tussah silk fabric is used to make gorgeous dresses and is particularly famous for its luster. Sometimes its blended with wool and polyester to make jackets, shawls, and scarves and is even used to make painting canvases. Silk Tussah is also heavily used in interior type applications including chairs, sofas and bedding accessories.

Because the quality of the silk depends directly on the diet and surroundings of the silk worm, Silk Tussah is very tough. Tussah silk fabric is resistant to dyes and stains and is very durable. For this silk fabric, care and stain protection instructions are minimal compared to other silk fabrics.

At JRB we carry over 100 colors in silk taffeta, all of which are 54 inches in width. Our silk tussah is grade A, meaning it is the highest quality silk available.

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